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    Strategic Diversified CoronaVirus / Bacterial Elimination product Pass Through Pricing for ALL DEALERS!   Attention!   In an effort to help our dealer partners through the pandemic, Strategic Diversified will be utilizing our significant buying power to provide our dealers a pass through price on an EPA CERTIFIED chemical solution to address your customers pandemic concerns. We are extending this same offer to any dealer (current or not) that has interest.   After vetting 9 companies including direct to manufacturer, we have sourced an EPA CERTIFIED solution at a PASS THROUGH PRICE POINT of LESS THAN 2 CENTS per vehicle application! This product is not available to dealers on a direct basis.   We have spent the time necessary to protect our dealers from predatory product hucksters charging up to $40 per application for a comparable product.  We will not make a penny on this application now or in the future.  We want the same thing you do: To sell and service vehicles by eliminating objections to purchasing or service based on the current pandemic.    Please contact: [email protected] / 610-636-9019 for assistance in ordering, set up, or any further questions. -Or- if you would like to contact me directly: [email protected] / 610-637-7140    Join us on our F&I Fuel Facebook page to be a part of the discussion:

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  • 0 Tom Walls: 50 years!!!

    Congratulations to Tom Walls for hitting a 50 year milestone in the business!  Way to go Tom, heres' to 50 more!   Picture from left to right: Scott Siegel (SD), Katie Walls, Tom Walls

  • 0 Adam Yoder: National EasyCare All Star!

      Adam Yoder: All Star Congratulations to Adam Yoder for winning his first EasyCare “All-Star” award.  Adam was recognized as a “National All Star” for his excellent work with our dealers.  Adam has worked tirelessly to become a terrific SD Regional Manager that genuinely cares about all of the people he works with.  Adam was recognized as one of the best of the 500+ very talented EasyCare representatives nationally.  Way to go Adam!!! Well deserved!

  • 0 Jeremiah Shelton: National MVP!

    • by Strategic Diversified
    • 03.20.2019

    Jeremiah Shelton: EasyCare National MVP Over the weekend, Jeremiah Shelton received the “EasyCare – MVP” award   Jeremiah is celebrating his 20th year in the business and is only 39 years old. Jeremiah oversees the Development and Training for SD. Jeremiah is responsible for every rooftop and all of the content that we use for our dealers on a monthly basis. Jeremiah works with and through his regional managers in our ever-expanding client universe.   Starting as a 19-year-old F&I manager, Miah has been an area manager, regional manager, national trainer, Vice President, and partner. As a trainer, Miah has trained close to 1000 finance managers in a formal multi day / classroom setting and is responsible for millions of dollars in increased dealer net.   As a mentor and coach, Miah is not a person that is interested in impressing people. He is about changing lives for the better and is unique in how he ties “leadership / life” lessons into all he does with our clients. He is beloved by the dealership personnel he works with because he is so damn easy to like, but more importantly he is one of the most knowledgeable people in the dealer development industry with his incredibly effective manner of communicating.   Above all these things, Miah is GENUINE in a way that isn’t seen very often in any business. He is the “real thing” and if you have spent any time with him you would instantly recognize these enviable traits. He is a great father, a great husband, a great partner, and a great person.   The EasyCare MVP is the highest honor EasyCare bestows upon the men and women that work with dealerships.  The MVP is EasyCares choice for the person who is considered “the best” in the country.  There have only been a handful of people chosen for this award over the years, and now Jeremiah takes his rightful place among the “best of the best”.   EasyCare said: “Jeremiah Shelton embodies and exceeds our highest standards and we are proud to honor him as our 2019 MVP for his many years of loyalty and world class service to EasyCare dealers.”   In the immortal words of Highlander: “There can be only one!” and Jeremiah is THE ONE!   Way to go Miah, we are very proud of you!    

  • 0 Congratulations to Chris Long! Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year   Way to go Chris!  SD is a proud supporter of Chris Longs "Waterboys Initiative" to dig wells and provide clean drinking water to under developed communities in Africa.

  • 0 2019 F&I Academy dates are set!

    2019 Training Schedule   Feb 19th - 21st (deadline to register with deposit: Feb 8th) April 16th - 18th (deadline to register with deposit: April 7th) July 16th - 18th (deadline to register with deposit: July 7th) Oct 15th - 17th (deadline to register with deposit: Oct 6th)     Flex Seminar Dates:   We will continue our practice of “on demand” training by providing 3 Flex Seminars that we will announce throughout the year.  This allows us to serve our clients needs based on demand.     Any questions or requests, please give us a ring: 1-800-708-2227    

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  • 0 Generation Google?

    • Articles
    • by Strategic Diversified
    • 10.23.2018

    I came across this article about a man shopping for a car in LA. Social commentary aside, I found it very interesting to see how dealers and salespeople are viewed through the eyes of an actual shopping customer.   What do you think?  

  • 0 Pohanka of Salisbury...Breaking Records!!!

    In August of 2018 Pohanka of Salisbury broke their all time volume record by selling 920 vehicles.  Strategic Diversified is proud to be considered a part of Pohankas success.   WAY TO GO SANDY!!! (Ill see if I can get Sandy to send me a picture of herself next this "Major Award" from SD. (920 Hersheys kisses!)